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Arcadia Farm

Arcadia grows fruits and vegetables using sustainable methods, including low and no-till, compost, cover cropping, and solarizing.

Arcadia Farm

Arcadia Farm is located just a few short miles from downtown Washington, DC, on the historic grounds of Woodlawn Estate. 


Arcadia’s demonstration farm and educational children’s garden currently encompasses four acres, providing a sustainable model of agriculture to new farmers, students, and the public through hands-on community engagement.

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Education and Community Engagement 

We teach new and aspiring farmers how to grow food using environmentally conscious methods through our farmer mentorship program. 


We also educate students about healthy eating and growing practices through interactive school field trips and encourage community involvement through regular volunteer days.  


For more information, please visit our 

Volunteer Opportunities page.

Environmental Stewardship 

We grow in harmony with nature, using only sustainable growing practices such as cover cropping, integrated pest management, low tillage, composting, crop rotation, and no synthetic sprays.


Food Access


We are committed to increasing access to healthy, farm-fresh food in underserved neighborhoods. 


We do this by growing the majority of the vegetables for Arcadia’s Mobile Market, which provides affordable food to low-income, low food access communities.

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