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Farm-to-School School-to-Farm

Children joyfully discover their love of fruits, vegetables, and gardening in Arcadia's immersive, hands-on educational programs, on our farm and in school and community gardens.

The increased availability of cheap, processed foods and increasingly busy families that don’t have time to cook food from scratch means many people — particularly children — lack the opportunity to build their palates to appreciate healthy, wholesome foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Declining small, local farms and expansion of large, commercial farms means that fewer children understand how the food on their plates connects back to the earth.

Arcadia’s Farm and Nutrition Education goals: 

  • Teach about sustainable and regenerative agriculture 

  • Expose children to food at its source 

  • Encourage children to try new and unfamiliar foods, while creating a connection between nutrition and where food comes from 

  • Strike curiosity of the natural world and healthy ecosystems

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Field Trips

We are excited to unveil our new Farm Field Trip Program in the Spring of 2023! Get ready for some big changes to our programs, including a new grade-specific curriculum, extended date options, and targeted lessons for older students.

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Farm Camp


Campers learn about daily farm life. 


Campers explore the delicious world of sustainable food.



At Arcadia Farm Camp, kids have fun! We combine learning and play in a safe, interactive outdoor environment. 

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Small Group Visits

Looking to get your group outside this fall to learn, taste, and experience the world of sustainable agriculture? Look no further than Arcadia Small Group Tours!

Small group visits will take place in September-November. The 90-minute visit will be tailored to your group's age and interests and is open to folks of all ages looking to learn more about agriculture. Groups of 25 or fewer are welcome.

Live Eat Grow (L.E.G)

The Live Eat Grow Internship Program offers high school students an 80-hour learning opportunity to gain gardening, communication, and leadership skills.


They work at Arcadia Farm and local community gardens in Route 1, and later assist a Garden Partner with garden management, planting, and harvesting, receiving a stipend.

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