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As a new nonprofit organization, there is a lot happening at Arcadia.  How can you help?

Arcadia thanks the following supporters who have generously helped lay the foundation for Arcadia’s programs:

  • Advisory Board Company

  • Blueprint Interactive

  • Capital Area Food Bank

  • Charlie McBride Associates

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

  • Clif Bar Famly Foundation

  • Cowgirl Creamery

  • William H. Donner Foundation

  • Grassed Media

  • Inova

  • Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States

  • Leonsis Family Foundation

  • National Trust for Historic Preservation

  • Neighborhood Restaurant Group

  • Power Supply

  • Sweetgreen

  • United Medical Center

  • USDA

  • Washington, DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education

  • The Wharf

  • Whole Foods Markets

  • Wholesome Wave

  • Washington’s Green Grocer

  • Many individual donors and volunteers – Thank you all!


From the Arcadia Blog

  • Meet the Team for our 5th Season of Arcadia Farm Camp!

    Every day this week our energetic Farm Camp Team (Farmers Christal, Beth, Kate, Jack, Ina, Thea, and Katie) is getting ready for camp-- they are excited to meet our first set of Farm Campers this coming Monday!We’re excited for Farm...

  • Why Arcadia Calls Woodlawn Home

    We sometimes get this question: why is Arcadia Farm headquartered on such a fancy site, Woodlawn-Pope-Leighey?The short answer: Woodlawn has been home to people and organizations dedicated to progressing social justice since 1846 – and Arcadia is proud to continue...

  • Cob Pizza Oven Master Course - July 10

    Imagine a pizza cooked in your own backyard – cheese bubbling, crust crackling. Or a roasted chicken, or a platter of just-harvested vegetables (from Arcadia Farm!) simmering away for hours, snug in an efficient cob oven. Now stop imagining and make it...

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